VW Passat

Front: 14
Side: 16
Seatbelt reminder: 2
Pole: 2

Adult occupant protection
Head: Good, Neck: Good, Chest: Good, Upper leg right: Adequate, Upper leg left: Adequate, Lower leg right: Adequate, Lower leg left: Adequate, Right foot: Good, Left foot: Good
Frontal impact driver
Head: Good, Neck: Good, Chest: Adequate, Upper leg right: Good, Upper leg left: Good, Lower leg right: Good, Lower leg left: Adequate
Frontal impact passenger
Head: Good, Chest: Good, Abdomen: Good, Pelvis: Good
Side impact driver

Child restraints
18 month old ChildBritax Roemer Baby-safe Plus, rearward facing
3 year old ChildBritax Roemer Duo Plus, forward facing
Pedestrian protection
No image car front available

Safety equipment
Front seatbelt pretensioners
Front seatbelt load limiters
Driver frontal airbag
Front passenger frontal airbag
Side body airbags
Side head airbags
Driver knee airbag
ISOfix front
ISOfix rear
Car details
Hand of driveLHD
Tested modelVolkswagen Passat 1.9 PD Trendline
Body typelarge family car
Year of publication2005
Kerb weight1447
VIN from which rating appliesWVWZZZ3CZ6E035000, WVWZZZ3CZ6P17000

The Passat achieved a five star adult occupant safety rating. Euro NCAP allowed a re-run of the pole test following changes to the car’s curtain airbag and roof lining to optimize its functionality. Its body proved to be extremely strong, suffering minimal deformation in the frontal impact and protecting its adult occupants well. The car’s ability to protect child occupants was a little mixed, with high chest loads recorded by the instrumentation in the older child in the frontal impact. Overall, the protection offered to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users was judged to be reasonably good with 17 points out of 36 being scored.

Front impact
The body suffered minimal deformation and, with dual stage frontal airbags, belt pre-tensioners and load limiters, helped control and limit the forward movement of adult occupants. These devices, and the stable structure worked well, keeping the loads on the driver’s and passenger’s chest and legs low. However, the driver risked leg injuries from contact with the steering column. The footwell suffered little deformation or intrusion and control of the foot pedals was good.

Side impact
An impressive side impact protection system included seat mounted thorax airbags and a head curtain airbag, which also protects those seated in the rear. The Passat gained a maximum score in this section of the tests.

Child occupant
The passenger frontal airbag has an on/off inside the glove box. A permanent text label is next to it, while the airbag’s status is shown on the centre console’s info screen. The older child sat in a forward facing VW branded Britax Romer Duo Plus, which was installed in the car using the ISOFIX anchorages and top tether. The older child dummy’s chest instrumentation recorded high loads in the frontal impact. The younger child used a rear facing VW branded Britax Romer Baby Safe Plus fitted using ISOFIX anchorages and a support leg. This protected well throughout.

Protection was reasonable. The bumper met test requirements and the bonnet top cushioned where a child’s head might strike it. It also protected adult heads, though not so well. However the bonnet’s front edge gave no measurable protection.