Kia Soul

2014 rating

In 2014, crash avoidance systems are included in the star rating. An assessment of AEB systems is included: low-speed, whiplash protection systems in Adult Occupant Protection and high-speed systems in Safety Assist. Safety Assist also includes Lane Support Systems.

ESC is no longer tested by Euro NCAP but points are awarded for compliance with EU legislation. There are also important changes to the way in which pedestrian testing is done, including more detailed analysis of the bumper and the front edge of the bonnet.

Greater weighting is given to Safety Assist in the calculation of the overall score and that of Adult Occupant Protection is reduced.

Star ratings from 2014 contain more extensive technical content than those from previous years and should not be directly compared.


Kia logotype Kia Soul Total rating: 4 pts
2009 rating

Cars are subjected to the following tests: Frontal Off-set Deformable Barrier test; Mobile Deformable Barrier Test; Side Pole Test (if equipped with head protection system); Whiplash Seat Tests; Pedestrian Subsystem tests; Seat Belt Reminder and Speed Limitation Device functionality tests (where applicable).

First year of the new rating scheme, where scores for Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection and Pedestrian Protection are combined with a new area of assessment – Safety Assist – into a single, overall rating. Due to the new rating scheme, star ratings from 2009 onwards are not comparable with ratings from previous years.


Kia logotype Kia Soul Total rating: 5 pts


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